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The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C., is a Long-Island premier boutique law firm which concentrates in the areas of divorce, separation, maintenance, custody, and child support matters. The firm was established as a means of helping New York clients through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Often, these family law issues include the client’s risk of losing time with their children or a risk to their financial stability. Family law issues are almost always emotional, at least to some degree, because they involve personal relationships.

Attorney Katherine Ryan believes her clients are entitled to have a strong, compassionate, skilled advocate by their side, whether during negotiations or during litigation.  Those going through a divorce, seeking child custody, asking for a modification to custody, child support, or spousal maintenance, or any number of other family law issues can find the answers they need at The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. The following are the areas The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. practices:

  • Divorce—In a New York divorce, each spouse will hire his or her own family law attorney who will work with the client to devise a settlement plan, which takes into consideration asset division, spousal maintenance, child custody, child support, and any other issues related to the divorce. If a settlement cannot be reached, then the matter will be set for trial, and a judge will make those decisions after hearing from both sides. It is extremely important to hire a family law attorney who is equally experienced in negotiation and litigation when facing a divorce. The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. handles both contested and uncontested divorce actions, working through the divorce process to minimize the emotional strain and cost associated with divorce proceedings. We will work closely with clients to ensure proper financial support through spousal maintenance, and if children are involved, we will fight for custody and child support payments.
  • High Net Worth DivorceAny divorce situation can easily be both emotionally and financially demanding but a high net worth divorce comes with its own set of challenges and struggles. Divorces that involve couples with a combined worth of a million dollars or more are considered high net worth divorces. These divorces address similar issues as other divorces but demand having an attorney in your corner that has extensive experience in these kinds of situations. The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. has a deep understanding of the issues that arise in these situations and is prepared to serve their clients with compassion and vigor to make sure you receive what you deserve.
  • Division of Marital Assets—The division of marital assets can result in contentiousness between spouses. The state of New York is not a community property state where all marital assets are split 50/50, rather it is considered an equitable distribution state where the marital assets are divided fairly rather than equally. If a judge is forced to divide the marital assets, a number of factors will be taken into consideration, including the length of the marriage.
  • Spousal Maintenance—Spousal maintenance is another “hot button” in many divorces. Few spouses want to pay spousal maintenance, yet many spouses feel they are rightfully entitled to receive maintenance. The attorneys at The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C., will help those who are entitled to receive spousal maintenance. If one spouse gave up educational or career opportunities to help the other obtain a professional degree or another opportunity, that spouse could be entitled to receive spousal maintenance to allow them to pursue their own educational or career opportunities. While spousal maintenance can be permanent, it is generally awarded for a certain length of time.
  • Modifications of Spousal Maintenance—Modifications of spousal maintenance may be appropriate any time one of the spouses experiences a substantial change in circumstances, through no fault of their own. This change in circumstances could be a significant reduction in income, a significant increase in income, as serious illness, or other substantial changes.
  • Child Custody—Child custody is often a very emotional issue in family law. When children are involved in a divorce, the resulting issues of custody and child support are at the forefront. The team of child custody attorneys at The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. will work with clients to achieve the best possible outcome, while preserving their parental rights and protecting the children’s best interests. Child custody encompasses both the physical and legal custody of the child. Physical custody refers to where the child will primarily live, while legal custody refers to the right of the parents to make decisions regarding religion, education, medical treatments, and extracurricular activities.
  • Child Support—Child support calculations are based on a number of financial factors from both parents. The knowledgeable legal team at The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. will fight for fair child support, taking into consideration each parent’s monthly income and lifestyle. These factors include monthly income, allowable deductions, additional medical expenses for the child, costs of daycare, and other factors as well.
  • Modifications of Child Support—When the paying or receiving parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances, he or she may ask the courts to modify the amount of child support. Our legal team will work toward modifying an inappropriate child support obligation when necessary.
  • Pre-and Post-Nuptial Agreements—Couples are turning to pre-and post-nuptial agreements much more often than in the past, to ensure their non-marital assets are fully protected in the event of a divorce. A pre- or post-nuptial agreement can offer additional benefits as well. It is important to talk to an experienced family law attorney prior to signing a pre- or post-nuptial agreement.
  • Orders of ProtectionAn order of protection can be issued through family court, criminal court, or a Supreme Court. Essentially, an order of protection keeps a person who has either harmed or threatened to harm another person away from that person at home, school, or work. The person whom the order of protection is against could be required to surrender firearms, and move out of the marital home, depending on the situation.
  • Same-sex divorceSame-sex spouses who are considering a divorce may wonder how family laws apply to them. There may be questions regarding the adoption of a child, property division, or spousal maintenance. While same-sex couples have identical rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with marriage and divorce, there may be certain challenges in areas the law has not quite caught up with. Our legal team can help same-sex couples divorce while ensuring our client’s rights are fully protected.

Contact The Law Office of Katherine Ryan, P.C. today, for an evaluation of your family law issue. Attorney Katherine Ryan believes strong advocacy and educated clients always lead to the best results. We are committed to the highest level of representation, handling both family and Supreme Court matters across Long Island and the five boroughs, with our principal office located in Melville, New York.